Howdy Sri Sri Tattva: Successful Launch in Texas Stores

DALLAS, TEXAS, October 7, 2019: Sri Sri Tattva products were in high demand this past week in Dallas, where 8 India Bazaar stores launched the Ayurvedic product line across the Dallas Metropolitan area. 

Crowds gathered at the India Bazaar West Plano location last Saturday during a red carpet event celebrating the Sri Sri Tattva Launch.

"Products were moving off shelves at such a fast pace, the store had to restock multiple times throughout the weekend." shared Arun Ramanathan, Director of Operations.

"Ayurveda is such a deep science providing customized wellness in a holistic and natural way." explained Shiksha Thakur, an Ayurveda Practitioner offering Pulse Diagnosis at the Sri Sri Tattva Launch.

Sri Sri Tattva will be launching in stores across the USA over the upcoming months. Products are also available online at