How to Protect Yourself and Others from Coronavirus

The Coronavirus continues to spread worldwide, affecting millions of people and claiming thousands of lives. In the United States alone, the effects of the pandemic are devastating—there are hundreds of thousands of cases, millions of people filing for unemployment, and cities turning into ghost towns. The virus spreads very quickly and affects our lives in more ways than one. Older people, the immuno compromised, and those without social safety nets are the most vulnerable to the disease and the disruption.

There are measures you can take, of course. With a clear head and a good attitude, here are simple tips you can take to help reduce your risk and those around you:

For yourself: Keep yourself healthy

Here is what you can do:

1. Boost your immune system

Balancing your Kapha is integral to keeping your overall health intact. As you fend off the risk of Coronavirus, reduce your intake of dairy, fried food, and overly sour and salty foods. Increase your intake of vegetables instead, especially green leafy ones such as spinach. Incorporate grains and fruits into your diet as well, as with mung dal (beans) and basmati rice. Observing Vyayam (exercise) is also a good way to boost your immune system, as this improves your digestion and enhances your Agni and Ojas. If you can, exercise somewhere close to nature to reconnect with it.

2. Keep cleaning

Cleaning your home regularly also helps reduce your risk for Coronavirus infection. Prioritize high-touch surfaces as you clean, including light switches, doorknobs, drawers, refrigerator and oven doors, and TV remotes. Don’t forget to wipe down tabletops and counters as well, as with toilet and faucet handles. Using potent cleaning chemicals is crucial, but remember to handle these mixtures with care.

3. Hydrate

Hydration is integral to overall health. To keep your mouth from drying, drink tea and warm water. Ensure that you take sips every thirty minutes or so. Unfortunately, keeping yourself hydrated is not enough to kill the virus. It can, however, boost your body systems better, especially your immune system.

4. Continuously wash your hands

This is already well-known, but it’s vital to emphasize. Wet your hands and scrub them with soap, ensuring that it reaches in between your fingers and under your nails. Keep washing for at least twenty seconds, taking care to get your thumbs, too. Rinse and dry with a clean towel. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) also recommends everyone to avoid touching your face, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth. Keep practicing basic hygiene, too. Brush your teeth twice a day with good products, such as the Sudanta toothpaste. Shower as much as you can—take good care of yourself!

5. Maintain Sattva Bal (positive frame of mind)

Living in a digital age, it’s easy to watch the news every hour, listen to warnings on the radio, and visit countless social media sites just to keep up with the latest—you don’t have to do that! The best way to keep healthy is to foster peace within you. Choose a single news source and set a certain period when you can check it. Stick to the schedule and unplug. There’s more to life than just worrying, so focus on maintaining the peace within you. There’s no use stressing over something you have little control of. Instead, direct your energy to your passions and helping in any way you can.

For others: Follow the rules

1 - Practice isolation

For the people fortunate enough to have the resources to stay at home, being stuck inside 24 hours a day can be bothersome. It’s an experience, unlike anything any of us has ever experienced. As difficult as it may be to be stuck at home with nothing and nowhere to go, remember that it’s about keeping you, your family, the community, the medical doctors, and essentially the rest of your country, safe.

2 - If you go outside, be extra cautious

A member of the family eventually needs to go out and stock up on supplies. As you do, practice social distancing. Stand far away from people, even if you have no symptoms or any underlying health conditions. Medical experts suggest that Coronavirus spreads through droplets, so minimize your exposure to people to protect yourself and others.


No one knows when the pandemic will end. The repercussions are already devastating, and the healing countries are seeing new Coronavirus infection cases once more. As the medical industry works tirelessly to find a cure, we need to do our part by taking good care of ourselves and others.

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Published by Bianca Serrano

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