3 Ways to Improve Your Skin-Care Routine With an Ayurvedic Touch - Our Guide

As one of the most prevalent forms of Eastern medicine that roots from the rich history and science of yoga, Ayurveda has established itself as something that is clearly much more than a popular health fad.

Following the principle of “nourishing one’s mind, body, and soul while recognizing its needs,” Ayurveda has helped millions of people around the world become in tune with themselves. This is actually befitting, considering that Ayurveda directly translates to “life knowledge” in Sanskrit.

From the way you eat to the way you treat yourself with proper exercise, the Ayurvedic discipline can be applied to anything that has to do with self-care. Seeing that Ayurveda follows a flow of nourishment that is guided by a natural rhythm to help individuals become attuned to their need for nourishment, it’s easy to tell that it can help anyone who needs it.

Aside from a balanced diet, regular exercise, and other forms of self-care, however, Ayurvedic teachings can also extend all the way to one of the most important parts of anyone’s life: skin-care routines.

If you’ve been meaning to put a deeper meaning to the way you take care of your skin and give it a refreshing glow, here are three ways that you can adopt Ayurvedic teachings into your skin-care routine:

1. Go to sleep early, and wake up earlier in the morning

Ayurvedic principles dictate that the human body has a built-in detox that functions from 10 in the evening all the way to 6 in the morning. This means that sleeping early and waking up early makes for great results.

When you have enough energy to wake up in the morning after sleeping early, not only are you allowing your body to greatly benefit from following its circadian rhythm, but it also helps keep your skin in peak health at all times. Aside from sleeping early, however, another great way to give your skin-care routine an ayurvedic boost is to drink a glass of lemon water to hydrate your skin and bask in the sun for 15 minutes after you wake up.

2. Start your day off right with a bit of Abhyanga

After you’ve awoken from your slumber all nice and refreshed, another great way to keep your skin’s health in check is to give yourself a quick Abhyanga treatment (gentle face and neck massage). By treating yourself with some self-love and Abhyanga, you can easily improve your skin circulation, boost your immune functions, and keep your body in the right energy patterns before sleeping—a perfect recipe for great skin!

3. Switch up your cleanser for a natural almond powder

One of the greatest flaws that come with most modern skin-care products and cleansers is that they’re packed with loads of harmful chemicals. However, you don’t necessarily have to compromise your skin’s health when cleansing it because almond powder is an alternative that can benefit you greatly.

Swapping out your standard facial cleansers for a cleanser with almond powder is an Ayurvedic investment that can help keep your skin moisturized, exfoliated, and safe every day. By using a cleanser with almond powder, you can nourish your skin with the natural ingredient’s own fatty acids to keep it as fresh and as plump as possible!

Final words

Taking the Ayurvedic approach to your skin-care routine is a great way to ensure that you keep your skin as healthy as all the other parts of your body. By taking the three tips mentioned in this article into consideration, your body and skin will be able to benefit greatly from the teachings of the time-honed practice!

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