Chyawanprash: Not One, Or Two, But Made With The Goodness Of Over 40 Herbs!

Chyawanprash jars are a reminder of the timeless goodness of Ayurveda. In many Indian households, grandmothers would insist that their children and grandchildren have a scoop of Chyawanprash every night before going to bed. Children didn’t mind it either because of the blast of flavors-sweet, slightly spicy and sour-in the mouth. Health AND taste? How rare! If you wanted a health tonic or supplement that had it all-vitality, increased energy reserves, better stamina and immunity, longevity, ability to fight off inflammatory conditions, cold and cough, then Chyawanprash, one of Ayurvedic knowledge system’s most precious gift, would have been the answer.

This house of metabolic goodness has been named after an ancient Indian seer Rishi Chyawan and it also means degenerative change. Prasham is a drug or medicine in Ayurveda. The story goes that Chyawanprash was first prepared by twins-Ashwini Kumars, believed to be the royal physicians to Gods themselves. The preparation was made for Rishi Chyawan to make him younger and have him live longer. The meta-herbal formulation since then has been passed down for generations as a health tonic, commercially marketed since the 1950s.

What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash-a super blend of 50 power herbs

It is a concentrated blend of over 50 power herbs and minerals packed with health and goodness, all of which work towards improving your vitality, prana or life force, stamina and strengthens your body tissues. It is an important immunity booster, one that is good to stock up on in these pandemic times, mostly because one of its prime ingredients is the Indian gooseberries-known to be one of the richest sources of immunity-boosting Vitamin C and polyphenolics including antioxidants in the form of flavonoids.

Scientifically speaking, scientists have identified important biologically active phenolics like gallic acid, protocatechuic acid, catechin, and others that are easy to absorb into the system and come loaded with antioxidants to reduce damage to cells done by rogue free radicals.

Chyawanprash, which has the texture of sweet and tangy jam, is made by using the decoction of herbs for first making a preparation out of the dried extracts, which is then mixed with honey and other aromatic herbs like clove, cinnamon, or cardamom.

The nutritional makeup

It is rich in vitamins A,E, B1, B2, protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, low-fat nutrients and has trace minerals like iron, zinc, copper, nitrate, manganese, tannic acid, and phytonutrients like flavonoids, carotenoids, alkaloids, saponins, piperine and other phenolic compounds-all of which are incredibly valuable immunity boosters.

Benefits of Chyawanprash

The benefits of Chyawanprash have been elaborated in many Ayurvedic texts.

Benefits as mentioned in ancient texts

According to one of the most authoritative texts on Ayurvedic sciences Charak Samhita, “It (Chyawanprash) is the premier Rasayana, beneficial for helping with cough, asthma and other respiratory ailments; it nourishes the weak and degenerating tissues, promotes vigor, vitality and is considered anti-aging.”

Its regular consumption helps

  • Support a healthy brain function: sharp intellect, better memory,
  • Boosts immunity
  • Endurance and strength
  • Sensory function
  • Improved reproductive strength
  • Stamina
  • Improved digestion
  • Better skin tone
  • Better bio functions of Vata dosha

Balancing doshas

Chyawanprash also helps balance all the three doshas-Vata, Pitta and Kapha, needed to lead a balanced, healthy, happy life along with a calm, steady and clear mind. (Know your dosha constitution here)

Better for digestion

Further studies have shown this power tonic helps improve the digestion and digestibility of food by helping eliminating ama (toxins) and helping with nausea, hyperacidity, gut cramps, dyspepsia and gastritis, and fighting ulcers . Herbs present in CP responsible for efficient digestion include Nagakesar, Tejpatra, Ela, Dalchini. Paatla, Agnimanth, Gambhari, Bael, Shyonak. Sarivan, Draaksha, Haritaki, honey, Bhumyamalaki, Kachur, Pushkarmul, Musta, Kaknasa, Vidaarikand, and Aguru.

Better respiratory function

In a randomized controlled trial, about 90 patients with pulmonary tuberculosis were given 10 g of CP twice daily as a prophylactic measure along with antitubercular drugs. CP supported the bioactivity while preventing their side effects. Symptoms like coughing, loss of appetite, expectoration, fever simply disappeared. Their hemoglobin levels also improved.

Immunity boosting properties

Finally talking about the most important reason why Chyawanprash has been flying off our shelves-its immunity-boosting benefits.

Two separate studies have shown the immunomodulating properties present in Chyawanprash. In a children's study , CP showed significant results in improving their energy levels, physical strength, immunity, and vigor. Yet another experimental study showed the use of CP augmented immunity marker levels, improved working of natural killer cells, and phagocytic activity that removes pathogens and harmful cells from the body.

And a whole lot of other benefits that modern science is beginning to capture in future studies of this ultimate health elixor...

Where can we buy Chyawanprash? Chyawanprash is available through many sources, but my favorite is Sri Sri Tattva's Chyawanprash , made with the authentic recipe, 100% pure fresh Amla & herbs, with no fillers!


Published by Ruchira Roy

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