4 Ways to Boost Your Immunity With Ayurveda - What to Know

It is believed that human beings are born with weak, basic immune systems. Through constant interaction with the microbes in our gut and the environment, we learn to fight against new microbes—this eventually strengthens the immune system.

In the practice of Ayurveda, diseases are categorized into two classifications—Nija and Aganthu. Aganthu is caused by external factors such as injuries, physical and mental traumas, as well as lack of health and hygiene policies. Nija, on the other hand, is caused by imbalances from one’s body, which can be prevented by a thorough understanding of one’s natural tendencies. Regardless of the nature of the disease, Ayurveda is a system necessary to achieve balance once more.

In a time of great turmoil and widespread disease, prioritizing your immune system is paramount. Pills and medicine can only go so far—proper healing comes with helping hands, and practicing Ayurveda provides just that. Here are four ways you can boost your immune system today:

1 - Be mindful of your diet

If you wish to promote optimal health throughout your body systems, attending to the agni is crucial. The agni, then, protects your ojas (energy). To promote your agni, adopt a diet that reduces the intake of refined sugar, processed foods, and stimulants. Emphasis on healthy and whole foods should be the priority, combined with mindful eating. To achieve balance, a regular eating schedule must also be maintained.

2 - Get proper and balanced sleep

Also regarded highly by Western medicine, sleep is critical to boosting the immune system. Sleep deprivation severely limits the effects of your immunity, so go to bed early and get up at the same periods of every day. Moreover, have atleast eight hours of sleep each night.

3 - Minimize stress

Excess stress is detrimental to our immune systems, as stress hormones hold the power to suppress immunity. All our energy is then reallocated into less than ideal places, which comprises our ability for immediate survival. To maintain a healthy body, identify what your stressors are, and reduce your exposure to them.

4 - Stay active

Observing proper exercise releases any accumulated tension, as well as moves any stagnant energies and improves body circulation. Moving also ignites agni, which is essential to achieve optimal health. This leads to an improvement in digestion, promotes relaxation, and bolsters the body’s ability to expel toxins. If you are not exercising regularly, it’s never too late to begin. A supportive exercise program does not have to be time consuming nor complex. A daily twenty-minute walk or a session of yoga can do wonders not just do your body, but also your spirit and mind.


Ayurveda teaches us that a strong immune system is the natural result of maintaining good health, which is only possible through a well-supported agni, a balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet, and a stress-free life. With that said, we can deduce that boosting the immune system is more about basic self-care than anything else—far from needles and pills. Our bodies flourish naturally with proper care—by doing so, you will be able to embrace joy, meaning, and your authentic truth.

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