3 Ayurvedic Treatments That Can Help Indigestion

Throughout human history and the health industry as a whole, one problem that has persisted century after century is the classic case of constipation.

Although we are now living in modern times, in terms of both lifestyle and living conditions around the world, constipation continues to affect millions of children and adults globally every day. Often recognized for the sheer difficulty or inability to empty the bowel, constipation has established its seriousness as a condition because of its associated hardening of feces, which can escalate to a more severe condition when left untreated.

A holistic approach to helping with constipation and what causes the condition

There may be many different ways to help with constipation, but the Ayurvedic approach has received the most acclaim in recent years because of its prevalence as a fast-acting aid.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, constipation itself is a result of indigestion that eventually results in an accumulation of feces in the intestine and a production of an air element called Vata. Once this Vata starts to build up, its dry and cold properties pose a barrier to the regular functioning of the colon and foster a sensation of stomach pain and heaviness. This then results in the agonizing symptoms of constipation itself.

Fortunately, Ayurvedic teachings have recognized the main propagators of constipation to two factors that can be helped, namely: lifestyle-related matters and water intake (or a lack thereof).

Solving constipation with the use of Ayurvedic tools

If you’ve been struggling with constipation and need a long-lasting form of natural relief, here are three Ayurvedic remedies you should start following and implementing for greater results:

1. Switch up your diet

Commonly recognized as one of the core practices of Ayurveda, following a balanced diet is not only an integral component to better holistic maintenance, but it’s also a staple solution for relieving bouts of constipation and indigestion. By making key changes to your diet, you can ease up your constipation and indigestion by providing your body with the nutrients that it needs to loosen up the stool for an easy exit. For instance, swapping out cold food and drinks, beans, dried fruits, and salads for a vata-pacifying diet that’s comprised of warm foods and well-cooked veggies can help reduce the stress on the colon!

2. Take a tablespoon of ghee at bedtime

For most cases of constipation and indigestion, the main solution that the body needs to pass feces and clear up the digestive tract is proper lubrication, which can often be found in a staple of Ayurvedic medicine: ghee!

Through a helpful serving of ghee right before bedtime for as long as needed, you’ll be able to help smoothen out the passage of your stool. If you aren’t exactly a fan of ghee’s flavor, however, you can also opt for a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil or mix the ghee itself with a warm glass of milk!

3. Go for Triphala

Commonly regarded as the Ayurvedic teaching’s staple for constipation, a recommended serving of Triphala can ease your digestive tract’s worries and have you living normally again in no time. If you seek a quick and easy Ayurvedic remedy for constipation (as well as flatulence and indigestion), then grind and have a quarter teaspoon each of Triphala, cardamom, and coriander seeds twice a day for faster results!


With the help of Ayurveda’s natural teachings and remedies, you can easily overcome a case of constipation and return your body to its prime natural state right away. By closely following the three tried, tested, and proven Ayurvedic techniques mentioned in this article, no case of constipation will ever be too difficult to deal with ever again!