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Zinc, Vitamin C, D, B12 Supplements to boost immunity? Do one better with Ayurveda

The Immunity Kit that offers all this and more As more people learned about the importance of building immunity to stave off unfamiliar viral strains like COVID-19, internet searches for immunity-boosting supplements skyrocketed. Some suggested adding zinc and vitamins C, D, B12 to one’s diet, yet others recommended chewing on elderberries, echinacea, among other herbs. […]

Benefits of Ayurvedic Herbs for your Immunity

People are always looking for ways to practice healthy lifestyle habits, and one way to prevent the onslaught of illnesses and infection is to boost your immune system. However, the constant use of allopathic drugs and other treatments can be expensive, which is why health buffs are on the hunt for a better alternative: ayurvedic […]

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