Most Experienced Ayurveda Practitioners

At the comfort of your home

Face-to-Face Consultation

30-60 minutes Video Consultation with one of our expert Ayurveda Practitioner (Vaidya).

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Detailed Analysis

Detailed prakruti and dosha analysis to explore unique Ayurvedic daily routine, based on your health & wellness goals.

Customized herbs, diet & lifestyle

Personalized body/mind/ spirit health enhancing herb, diet and lifestyle plan is formulated.

Detailed Prakruti & Dosha Analysis

Online Ayurveda Consultation


30-60 minute enhanced Ayurveda Consultation. Online link will be emailed within 48 hours to book slot.

Not quite sure yet?

Book a FREE Ayurveda introductory call with one of our Ayurveda Practitioner (Vaidyas)

Clients share their experience

I just heard about Ayurveda and wanted to try it out. I was amazed at how the Ayurveda practitioner was able to determine all my health issues within the first few minutes of our consultation!
I got all the needed suggestions for a healthy lifestyle, food, and the herbal supplements that are best for my body type. Thank you.
The world needs to know more about this science of Ayurveda, my health issues are gone, I am feeling 100%.


Our story

Over 35 years ago, our team had a vision to share an ecosystem of health & wellness with the world. Today, after decades of research & development in combining today’s modern science with the ancient science of Ayurveda, we are proud to have grown into a global health & wellness company.

We have built our portfolio of products & brands to match the ever increasing speed of demand for a healthier body and mind. We continue to grow with the support of our new & loyal customers and remain committed to provide the best in safe, effective, high-quality and responsible products.